Lawn Care Services


Our most popular program, the Maintenance Program, gives you 8 visits per year and 2 maintenance lime application. Time released, organic fertilizer is applied three times per year. Each slow release application lasts 15 weeks to ensure nitrogen never migrates into your drinking water.  We also provide spot weed control as needed up to two times per year.

  • Number of Annual Visits: 8
  • Soil Health Benefits
  • 3 Timed-Release Fertilizer Applications
  • 2 Heavy Lime Applications
  • Specialized Weed Control for Tough Weeds

Our Platinum Program gives you everything the Gold Program provides plus core aeration. This 9 visit program not only feeds the plants, helps control weeds but also helps soften the soil so your grass roots can grow deep and strong.

  • Number of Annual Visits: 9
  • Soil Health Bionutrition*
  • 2 Heavy Lime Applications
  • Specialized Weed Control for Tough Weeds
  • Time-release, Organic Fertilizer Applications: 3
  • Core Aeration

If getting your lawn to the best it can be, we offer our Diamond Program that gives you 9 visits per year and two heavy lime applications that are used to replace spot weed controls. Time released, organic fertilizer is applied three times per year. Each slow release application lasts 15 weeks to ensure nitrogen never migrates into your drinking water. The diamond program includes everything in the Platinum program plus:

  • Up to 16 surface (chinch bug) insect inspection visits
  • Overseeding
  • Core Aeration
  • 1 Targeted Surface Insect Control (Spot control up to $169.99 plus HST)


To encourage grass seeds to grow quickly and properly, we spread new seeds while slicing up dead or damaged grass, using a machine specifically designed for this purpose. Seed is inserted into these slits at the proper depth for perfect seed-to-soil contact, resulting in the best possible growth. This is an effective alternative to replacing grass.


If the damage in your lawn isn’t a candidate for slice seeding, we opt for over seeding, which is both economical and efficient. The seeds are spread over the lawn, where they easily make their homes in bare areas. Or, if aeration has been performed beforehand, the seeds jump right into the holes. This process results in improved germination and survival of the seeds.


When the soil of your lawn gets too dense and compacted, air and water can’t get where it needs to go, causing your grass to stop growing properly. Aerating your lawn puts well-placed holes in the soil, allowing it to naturally do what it’s supposed to — getting air, water, and nutrients where they’re needed most.

How It

We take an organic approach to amending your soil with the right blend of fertilizer, high concentration lime and micronutrients, seed, and water. Our low-toxicity pest control products suppress both weed and insect populations and give your lawn a jumpstart. This whole process boosts your soil’s fertility and the growing conditions of your lawn, which make the soil environment hospitable to growing grass — and inhospitable to weeds.

The bottom line? IPM is good for grass, bad for weeds, and wards off pests naturally.

Lawn Care

After evaluating your lawn and soil, we customize the application of fertilization treatment, lime, and spot insect control that will yield optimal results. Depending on which level of service you choose, we will visit your home 6 to 7 times per year for the first year, and up to 6 times per year after that.

Spot Pest Services

While our IPM approaches to lawn care (above) help your lawn naturally resist pests, we also offer additional insect prevention services for lawns that need an extra boost. When you add insect monitoring and spot control to your services, we will fully inspect your lawn for the presence of chinch bug and other surface insect invasions and apply spot control as needed. These treatments address grubs, chinch bugs, European crane flies, sod webworms, and European chafers. As part of our partnership, we teach you how to monitor for these insects in between our visits. (If you find some, give us a call!)

Lawn Pest Control

Suppressing weed and insect populations as needed, and using low-toxicity spot pest control applications, gives your lawn the beautiful green colour you want, and the extra boost it needs. Your stronger lawn will be able to naturally outgrow weed invasions — and minimize damage from insects that think your lawn should be their lunch.

Specialty Lawn & Landscaping Services

Getting your yard in top form through our lawn care services is just one of our specialties. When we’re outdoors, we’re really in our element, so our team at Grass Catchers is dedicated to improving your entire outdoor space.

Lawn rehabilitation— For lawns that need extra attention

  • Dethatching
  • Slice/slit seeding
  • Over seeding
  • Topdressing
  • Lawn installation — For lawns that need complete replacing
  • Spring & Fall yard cleanup
Garden bed maintenance
  • Weeding
  • Edging
  • Cleanup
  • Pruning/trimming of trees, hedges, & shrubs
  • Systemic ornamental tree treatments (protect against leaf miner, white pine weevil, etc.)

Have a sports field you need to maintain, or know someone who does? Our IPM services are the ideal way to get sports turf that’s always in play. Contact us to find out more.

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