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Welcome to Grass Catchers

Welcome! Whether you’ve been a Grass Catchers client for a long time or you’re just starting your search for lawn care maintenance services, we’re glad you’re here. Grass Catchers Eco Care is your one-stop shop for fully customized lawn care — including lawn fertilization, spot weed/insect control, aeration, and much more. We proudly serve the communities in southern New Brunswick by providing detailed, exceptional lawn care service that results in gorgeous lawns.

Go Green With Us!

When we say we help you go green, we’re not just talking about your grass. Our lawn care services are also the most environmentally friendly way to make your lawn healthy and beautiful—from the inside out.

Better still, we empower you with knowledge, making you a partner in the success of your lawn care service program, all in a way that supports the environment and ultimately builds healthier, more beautiful communities. Learn more about our Services.

We invite you to contact us to find out how to get started and to check out our Rewards program!

The Value of Being Eco-Conscious

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We believe in taking good care of the earth, reducing the amount of hazardous chemicals that get into our water supply, and encouraging the natural, healthy growth of Canada’s world-famous beauty. Using more sustainable solutions is not only more effective — it’s a great way to be a good neighbour. Check out our Lawn Care Services to see how our approach to lawn care is as friendly to the environment as it is to your grass.

We like to think of ourselves as tree huggers. (Well, mostly because hugging grass is hard. We’ve tried.)

Learning the Lingo

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We know that most of the technical terms of lawn care are, frankly, boring. However, our goal is for you to feel empowered, not intimidated, when it comes to knowing what’s happening right outside your door as each season goes by. It’s important to know the basics in order to feel confident in the services we provide you, and to successfully care for your lawn in between our visits.

That’s why throughout our site, you’ll see two versions of the definitions of the terms you need to know.

Simply Stated — This is your “layman’s terms” translation; quick and easy to understand.
•  Scientific Shoptalk — For you budding scientists out there, this is the more technical (but still abbreviated) explanation.

Still not sure what something means, or why it’s important? Just ask us!


When we started our company, we dedicated three years to becoming accredited through Plant Health Atlantic, a non-profit accreditation board dedicated to regulating environmentally sustainable turf management. Plant Health Atlantic offers government-approved IPM Certification and Accreditation turf management programs for the Atlantic Region.

We conduct a yearly audit with Plant Health Atlantic, ensuring that not only is our accreditation status valid, but that we are continuing to utilize the latest scientific advances in IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

Grass Catchers Eco Care currently meets the New Brunswick Environment requirements for being officially enrolled in an approved IPM Accreditation Program. This achievement, combined with other legislated requirements under the NB Pesticides Control Act and regulations, qualifies us to purchase and apply Commercial Class lawn care pesticides in New Brunswick.

So, in a nutshell, we’ve done all the legal and scientific work necessary, so you never have to worry about the treatments we use on your property.

Professional Membership

We are proud members of Landscape New Brunswick. Our participation in this professional association is another way that we stay informed on the latest and greatest advances in our industry through training, professional development, and environmental stewardship.

How Do I Make My Lawn Look Better

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, and you live within our St. John/New Brunswick service area, the Grass Catchers menu of lawn care services is just what you need. We can get rid of weeds, make your lawn greener, and protect your lawn from the damage that insects can cause. Whether you’re originally from Canada or have moved here, you know that the soil and environmental needs of our region require specialized care. That’s exactly what we’ll do for you.

Start Your Lawn Care in St. John with Grass Catchers

Get localized lawn care right here in St. John. Not only is southern New Brunswick our service area, it’s our home too, so you can count on us to be as invested in the health and beauty of your lawn as you are. Being St. John natives and with years of experience in the lawn care and maintenance. 


The Timing Is Right!

We’re right here in your neighborhood, so we know the optimal timing to deliver just the right services your lawn needs, and in the climate/season that provide the maximum benefits. So, you don’t need to stress about when your lawn needs to be cared for…because we’re already one step ahead of you.

Check out our Lawn Care Services page to learn which of our service packages — Maintenance, Premium, or Eco Care — are right for you.

How We Can Help

1. If you’re dealing with lawn-damaging insects, we’ll stop those pests from ruining your lawn.


2. To keep your lawn healthy and weed free, our fertilization and weed care services get to the root of the problem. 


3. Wish your lawn was greener? Our eco-friendly approach makes it happen without damaging our valuable natural resources.

Your Green Partner

Far from just a transactional, inpersonal process, our approach to lawn care means partnering with you to achieve the best possible results, from greener grass to less weeds to squashing the damage that insects can do. We truly enjoy getting to know you, our neighbors, as we work together to beautify St. John and the entire southern New Brunswick area.

Hey There, Neighbour!

Our team here at Grass Catchers really cares about the southern New Brunswick community, because we live here, too! We love getting to know our neighbours and working together to make a greener planet.